Setting Up Your Environment

  • 00:08: prerequisites
  • 00:45: options for your environment
  • 02:22: setting up a coming soon page
  • 03:45: staging site discussion



What’s the current state of your website?

  1. If this is a new website and it is not currently live to the public, you do not have to create a staging site. However, you may choose to put up a “maintenance mode” or “coming soon” page. (We like this third-party plugin: Website Builder by SeedProd — Theme Builder, Landing Page Builder, Coming Soon Page, Maintenance Mode although be warned: it has a lot more features than just the coming soon page.)
  2. If your website is currently live, we recommend setting up a staging site. This is like a playground or test environment that will let you redesign your website using the new theme without anything changing on your live site. When you are ready to take your redesign live, you can usually deploy the changes in a couple of clicks.

Setting Up A Staging Site:

Because this process is different depending on what web host you are using, we recommend consulting with your web host for specific how-to instructions.

Staging site information for common web hosts: