About Dinosaur Stew

Fun & Functional Digital Design

Our story begins in 2013, when our founder, Ashley, realized how limited the options were for creative business owners trying to build websites.

Ashley made it her mission to build websites that hit all the marks: websites that look, feel, and function great.

A lot has changed in the past decade, but our mission has remained the same: we connect solopreneurs & small business owners with pretty, powerful, and professional digital design.

About Dinosaur Stew

strategy-first design


Research & best practices guide our design process. If you’re gonna do it, might as well do it right!

Accessible design for everyone!


Digital design can be expensive. We aim for affordable options so you can access this world even if you’re just starting out.

feel empowered about how your brand shows up online


We give you the resources & the roadmap, but your brand is at its best with you in the driver’s seat.

it's ok to have a little fun building up your digital presence


We get it. Tech can be frustrating. We try to keep it fun, hence our brand name!

a little peek at some of our website designs!

How We’re Different:


We’re Sticklers For Doing Things Right

The wild west days of the internet are over. It’s not about simply having a website anymore: it’s about making that website function in the best way possible so you’re getting the most out of your digital presence.

UX & UI best practices guide everything we do, from font size to color contrast to logo placement because yes, these things matter!


We Get That You’re Not a Designer

…nor do we want you to try to become one. You’ve got enough on your plate. We want you to focus your time and energy on your content and strategy, not obsessing over every little aspect of your website (believe me: we already do that for you when we beta everything!).


Knowledge = Power

Love a good video tutorial? You’re in store for a treat! We’ve got hours worth of video content to help you build your website and make the most out of it. (And if that’s not enough, we’ve also got a podcast.)

About Ashley

Our Founder

I’m sure most small business owners can relate: it’s hard to settle on a single title to properly describe all that we do. I usually go with “Designer – Developer – Digital Strategist.” I like to have a finger in every pie because with experience comes knowledge, and applying that knowledge means better results!

Always a nerdy kid, I taught myself how to code and launched my very first (and very embarrassing) website at 13.

About a decade later, as an actual adult, I realized brands were struggling to put their best foot forward on the web and jumped right in to help them stand out. I’ve officially been supporting people build their brands online since 2013.

I love learning and have a M.S. degree in Information Technology Leadership.

Oh, and if you’ve heard me talk and find yourself wondering “what’s that accent?” – I’m a Minnesota native.

Ashley, our founder!

enough about us!

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