Adding A Portfolio

  • 01:00: plugin choice discussion
  • 05:21: setting up Portfolio Post Types plugin
  • 07:51: setting up Custom Post Type UI plugin
  • 11:45: adding & styling single portfolio page content
  • 14:01: adding a featured image and/or excerpt
  • 15:05: customizing the single portfolio page template
  • 18:12: working with the portfolio archive page

What You’ll Need:

Which Plugin To Choose?

1. “Portfolio Post Type” Plugin

Good for:

  • Users who already have this installed and it’s working on their site
  • Users looking for the quickest way to set up their portfolio
  • Users who don’t mind possibly migrating their portfolio in the future

Be Cautious: this plugin has not been updated in several years.

2. “Custom Post Type UI” Plugin

Good for:

  • Users who are setting their website up for the first time
  • Users who want to use a plugin that is actively maintained
  • Users who don’t mind spending a tiny bit more time to set it up

What To Know:

  • Please watch the video above for specific set-up instructions.
  • We don’t provide support for these, or any, third-party plugins.