Adding a Shop (WooCommerce)

There are several ecommerce options for WordPress. WooCommerce is the most popular, but may not be the best fit for you! Please do your research before choosing WooCommerce.

Your theme includes styling for WordPress’s most popular ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce. This is how we have added the “shop” to the theme demo.

What You’ll Need:

How To Do It:

  • Install and activate the WooCommerce plugin
  • Configure the plugin settings
  • Add products to your shop

What To Know:

  • WooCommerce requires more resources than standard websites. You may need to upgrade your hosting plan to accomodate it.
  • Do your research first to make sure WooCommerce is the best fit for you and your needs.
  • We don’t provide support for WooCommerce or any third-party plugin.