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Ever wish you had a fairy godmother to help you figure out how to do [insert challenging tech task] online?

It’s kinda like that.

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Our membership includes video training, cheat sheets, and more resources

Building A Brand Online Is Hard!

And it’s only getting harder – thanks, technology!

When it comes to digital strategy, you’ve probably got a lot of questions.

But, it takes valuable time & energy to find answers to those questions…time & energy that is in short supply. Especially when you’re trying to actually, you know, run your business.

The Learn It, Launch It, Love It Membership provides you with answers all in one place.

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Stop wasting time googling for answers

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Drive Your Digital Strategy Forward

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Hey, I’m Ashley!

I’ve Been Building Successful Brands Online Since 2013.

My story begins as a graduate student looking for a little extra income to pay for textbooks.

Shortly after starting my graphic & web design business as a side hustle, I was faced with a decision: do I pursue doing what I love full-time OR punch the clock in the 9-to-5 world of corporate America?

Despite the fear, I chose the former. A decade+ later, I’m still doing what I love, on my own terms, and I’ve helped hundreds of clients reach that place, too.

After spending years of figuring out “how to do ____ online,” I’ve compiled my best advice & nerdy knowledge into a one-stop resource for creative business owners in need of a helping hand to thrive online.

Ashley K, founder of Dinosaur Stew!

Inside Your Membership:



Access hours of video training that will help break down technical topics. Screen-sharing helps you learn, step-by-step.


Digital Guides

Checklists to help you follow best practices for building your website and having a successful digital strategy.


New Content MONTHLY

And you get to help us choose! Because we’re here to support you.


15% off Custom Services*

Learn It, Launch It, Love It members receive 15% off custom graphic & website development services.

* Does not apply to members with complimentary membership.

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Designed for motivated small business owners

For the ready-to-dive-in DIY-er who just needs a little direction to get them on their way:

  • Life coaches
  • Creative business owners like photographers & event planners
  • Other service-based business owners
  • Podcasters
  • Virtual assistants & online business managers

A Sneak Peek

A preview of the content included in your membership:

content includes brand values masterclass

Rethinking Your Brand Values MINICLASS

a 35 minute video to help you better connect with your brand

content includes: Using WordPress's Block Editor training video


over 2 hours of video training to help you learn the platform

content includes: custom domain email masterclass


3-part video series showing you how to configure a email

plus a whole lot more!

L3 Sample Content

Get Answers To…

Tech stuff, like:

  • How do I get a custom domain email?
  • How do I get started with SEO?

Branding & Messaging Stuff, like:

  • How do I write copy that actually gets read?
  • How do I find brand values that mean something?

WEBSITE Stuff, Like:

  • How can I optimize my homepage?
  • How do I use WordPress’s new block editor?
  • How do troubleshoot errors in WordPress?

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Launching Late Fall 2023

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