Setting Your Home And Blog Page

  • 00:10: what is the home page? the index page?
  • 01:04: build out your home page
  • 01:31: create your blog page (optional)
  • 02:15: setting the home & blog pages in “settings”
  • 04:00: changing the blog page appearance

What is a homepage? It’s simply the page that shows up when you visit (as opposed to,, or

If you are working on a fresh installation of WordPress, by default, the home page will just display content from the “Index” page template.

Typically, the “Index” page template contains your blog post feed.

Most people will not want this, but instead want a custom home page.


Create Your Home Page (And Optional Blog Page) + Tell THem To display

  • Build your home page in the “Pages” section in WordPress.
  • (Optional) If you have blog posts and want a “Blog” page for them, create a page in the “pages” section in WordPress. Leave this page blank — its content will populate automatically based on the “Index” page template. (See below.)
  • Navigate to Settings >> Reading. Update “Your Homepage Displays” settings as follows:

Customizing The “Blog” page

  • The page you select for your “Posts” page will automatically display content from the “Index” page template.
  • To edit this content, edit the “Index” page template by navigating to Appearance >> Editor >> Templates, select the Index page, and modify the content.
How to edit the Index page template that displays posts.