How To Start A WordPress Website

the quick guide


Choose A Domain Name

Pick out a domain name for your new site. An example of a domain name is or You can also use a domain name with a different extension, like



It’s like paying rent: in exchange for a monthly (or annual) payment, you get your very own space that you can make your home.

Hosting Recommendations:

Which Hosting Plan Is Right For Me?

Just Starting Out?

The most basic plan is usually all you need (you can always upgrade later)!

  • At Siteground, look for Managed WordPress hostingStartUp or GrowBig (we like GrowBig for the staging capabilities, although you may not even need it if you are starting from scratch)
  • At Flywheel, look for Managed WordPress hosting – Tiny plan
  • At Kinsta, look for the Starter plan

Adding A Shop/Ecommmerce?

WordPress’s premier ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce, demands more resources than simple sites. Be prepared to spend more on web hosting, and you may outgrow your plan quickly depending on the amount of traffic you get and how robust your set up is.

  • At Siteground, look for Managed WordPress hostingGrowBig or GoGeek
  • At Kinsta, you can begin with the Starter plan but be prepared to upgrade after launching!

Already Have A Website, Just Changing Hosts?

Consider things like: how much traffic your website gets each month, the bandwidth you require, the storage you require, etc.

If you aren’t sure what web host’s plan fits your needs best, get in touch with them and they can make a recommendation!


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