Spicy Mustard Color Inspiration – Pantone Fall 2016

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spicy mustard color inspiration

Spicy Mustard Color Inspiration

Spicy mustard is one of Pantone‘s Fall 2016 color picks. Pantone describes this color as adding a “splash of uplifting vibrancy” and that it’s “unexpected and unusual.” Although I wouldn’t call it “unusual,” I do think mustard yellow can go overlooked when people are considering a color palette for their next project. That’s a shame, because it’s actually a rather versatile and sophisticated shade!

There are several possibilities here, but I love the idea of pairing spicy mustard with sage green and a few neutrals. The sage is muted enough so that only one color–yellow–makes a huge impact. This is important so that the color palette doesn’t get away from you and become overwhelming.

Hex Codes

Spicy Mustard: #d8ae47
Elephant Grey: #c3c5c4
Seashell: #f8f7f2
Sage Green: #b1ac85

spicy mustard color palette

Color Palette For Web

I also designed a spicy mustard color palette for web use to add to our color inspiration page! Since web palettes need a dark color to create contrast (the color of the text on a website, for example, needs to be darker so people can actually read it), I’ve included a darker grey (hex code #626262) in this palette. I think a dark navy or indigo shade might also look nice, but only if used in moderation in a non-competing way!

What do you think about this spicy mustard color inspiration? Which of Pantone’s Fall 2016 Colors do you like the best? Stay tuned in to our blog as we reveal more of our favorite fall colors and inspiration!

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