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bloglovin' for bloggers

I’ve been a part of the “blogging community” for years, so I’ve been using Bloglovin’ ever since it launched in 2007 (I’ve also been using WordPress since it launched close to 15 years ago in 2003…and I have never felt older). Since things like this have been part of my “online life” for so long, sometimes I just assume that everyone knows what they are, when, in reality, they have no clue. So allow me to change that! Here’s all you need to know about what Bloglovin’ is and how you can use it to grow your blog.


What is Bloglovin’?

Bloglovin’ is a tool for keeping up with your favorite blog feeds all in one place. When you follow a blog using Bloglovin’, that blog is added to your feed. Your feed displays posts from all of the blogs that you’ve followed, in reverse-chronological order, meaning the most recent posts are displayed first, at the top. (Think Instagram before that pesky algorhythm change.) Bloglovin’ will display the featured post + excerpt of each post, and if someone wants to click through to read more, they’ll be brought directly to the post. Bloglovin’ targets creative bloggers (and their readers), with lifestyle, design, fashion, and DIY being a few of the main categories bloggers can sort their blog into.


The Benefits of Using Bloglovin’ As A Blogger

  • It Gives Your Readers An Easy, Attractive Way To Follow Your Blog. Bloglovin’ is easy to use, and it’s pretty. Users can “love,” save (meaning save it to read later), or share each post on social media. Oh, and posts aren’t sorted by popularity like on Facebook, either, which is EVERYTHING. #blessed
  • It Helps New People Find Your Blog. Bloglovin’ offers its users suggestions based on blog feeds they’re already following, which can help your blog get found by people who aren’t yet following you.
  • Bloglovin’ Reminds People To Read Your Blog. By default, Bloglovin’ emails readers with new posts from their feed every 24 hours, making it easier for them to never miss a post.
  • It’s Automatic. Because Bloglovin’ uses your blog’s RSS feed, it updates itself automatically, every time you publish a new post. Nifty, huh?
  • It’s Free. And who doesn’t love a free way to promote their blog and their business?!


Getting Started On Bloglovin’

Convinced? Cool! If you haven’t signed up yet, head on over to Bloglovin’ and create an account. To claim your blog, type your URL in the search bar and your blog should pop right up. Click on it, then click on the link called “Is this your blog? Claim it!”. Once you click on that, Bloglovin’ will walk you through the rest of the process of adding your blog to your profile! If you need help, here are instructions direct from Bloglovin’. Make sure to follow a couple other blogs, too!


Getting The Most Out Of Bloglovin’ as a Blog Owner

Here are a couple of tips to make sure you’re making the most out of sharing your posts on this platform:

  • Make Sure Your Post Looks Catchy. Bloglovin’ is a very visual platform. The featured image you use for your post is pulled to represent the post on Bloglovin’, so make sure it’s pretty! The more eye-catching, the better!
  • Make Sure Your Post Sounds Catchy. This should always be a blog goal, but make sure your title is enticing and draws the reader in. Along with an image, your post’s title and a short excerpt is displayed. Using a catchy title will help intrigue your reader and make them want to click to read more!
  • Link To Your Bloglovin’ Profile On Your Blog. Obviously you want to make it easy for your readers to follow along! So add a link to your Bloglovin’ profile somewhere on your website, whether it be a social media icon or text link. There’s also a widget you can grab directly from Bloglovin’ once you’ve claimed your blog. Pop it in a widget-ready area like your sidebar and voila!


Follow Dinosaur Stew On Bloglovin’!

How do you follow along with your fave blogs? What’s a website or tool that has made blogging easier for you?

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