WordPress 4.6 & Genesis Update

wordpress 4.6 and genesis update

Super Important News For All Genesis Users!

If you’re using a Dinosaur Stew theme, you’re using Genesis, so listen up! WordPress 4.6 was just released. This update has something in it that is not compatible with Genesis versions 2.3.0 and below. A new release of Genesis was released a few weeks ago that contains the fix, so if you’re running Genesis 2.3.1 (or above), you’re ready for WordPress 4.6. However, if you are running Genesis 2.3.0 or below, doing the WordPress 4.6 will crash your site. No one wants that, so make sure you update to Genesis 2.3.1 before doing the WordPress 4.6 update.

But WordPress 4.6 Already Crashed My Site! What Do I Do?

Don’t worry, the error is completely fixable and you’ve lost nothing, however, it will be a bit of a chore to fix. Sal Ferrarello has the fix if you didn’t manage to update to Genesis 2.3.1 before you upgraded to WordPress 4.6. You’ll have to have access to your site files via FTP or your hosting account’s cPanel or File Manager, so make sure you have knowledge on how to do that first.