twelve (free) script fonts

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I’ve recently been in the very long, very sloooooow process of moving to a new computer. It’s been rough. Cramming all of your life’s belongings into a tiny U-Haul and moving cross-country ain’t got nothing on trying to transfer four years worth of files to a new computer while attempting to maintain some form of organization (and dignity. Dignity is important). I’ve started by re-downloading my font library, which, although tedious, has been fun since it’s allowed me to stumble upon some new great finds. Here are some of my favorites, new and old, for free script fonts. Links to download are after the preview. Enjoy!

12 Script Fonts

All of these are free, but always check the terms of use for each individual font before using. What’s your favorite?

P.S. I hope at least one person appreciates the time and effort I put into coming up with the awesome party terms used in the preview, which proves I haven’t been out of the house since approximately 1928.

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