Important Note Regarding WooCommerce 3.0!

important notice about woocommerce 3.0

A few days ago, WooCommerce, one of WordPress’s most popular ecommerce plugins, rolled out major updates in the form of WooCommerce 3.0. Like, over 3,000 changes have been made to the plugin. As such, many, many WordPress users are experiencing compatibility issues with their websites. So, let’s answer some questions!

Should I Update to WooCommerce 3.0?

At this point, I’m suggesting you wait; don’t do the update yet. The plugin developers are already working on some fixes for version 3.0.1, which should clear up some of the bugs. Also, keep in mind that if you have any WooCommerce extension plugins installed, these may need to be updated as well. And depending on the plugin/plugin author, these updates may not be released for a while.

If you already did do the update, you can either A) roll back to version 2.6.14, or B) keep reading for troubleshooting tips…

What About My WordPress Theme?

If you currently have a Dinosaur Stew theme installed on your site and you update to WooCommerce 3.0, you will likely experience two compatibility issues: 1) product titles on your shop category pages will be extra large, and 2) your product gallery will display vertically, or stacked, rather than in thumbnails. We are aware of these issues and will be updating our theme’s coding to address these. If you’re experiencing such issues, please contact us and we will send you the fix! Please also contact us if you are experiencing any other visual problems; for example, a font is larger than it was before (and be sure to tell us what theme you’re using!).

What About Other Issues?

Any non-visual issues are going to be related to the WooCommerce plugin itself, or an extension plugin you have installed. Please check with the plugin developers for issues like these. This is the WooCommerce plugin support board, for easy reference. For any extra extensions plugins you may have installed, check with their development team/support forum.