February 2017 Calendar Wallpaper

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February Calendar Wallpaper for 2017

Ew, hearts. I know. It’s a little much for me too, but you know what? It’s a short month, so I feel like if we work really hard at it, we can put up with a little pink and stuff for a while. Plus, I have fun things planned for February…like another round of the WordPress Wonderland Challenge, and not doing a dang thing on Valentine’s Day. How about you? Are you with me?

Download Your February Calendar Wallpaper

You can use this wallpaper design on your mobile device or desktop/laptop. Pick from one of three sizes. Click the link, save the image, then set it as your wallpaper! It’s that easy.

Mobile: 2048×2048
Desktop: 1600×1200 | 1920×1200

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