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Video Includes:

2:35 – Adding Menu Items
3:37 – Rearranging Items
4:01 – Dropdown Menus
5:17 – Dropdown Menus w/ main link not going to another page
6:57 – Menu Option Properties
8:09 – Menu Locations

Creating A WordPress Navigation Menu

To get to your WordPress navigation menu screen, go to Appearance >> Menus. You can edit existing menus here, or create a new one. You have the ability to add pages, posts, custom links, categories, and more to your menu. If you don’t see something you want to add, make sure you scroll to the top of the page and make sure it is selected in the “Boxes” area when you click “Screen Options”. Rearrange items by dragging and dropping them where you want them.

Create A Dropdown

Create a dropdown menu item by nesting items under the other. If you don’t want the main menu item to link anywhere, use a “custom link” and in the URL field, put #. This will ensure this menu item won’t link anywhere, and visitors will be forced to select one of the dropdown items items. (An example of this is the “Services” link in my menu located above; if you click Services, you aren’t brought to a new page. Rather, you have to select one of the items below before you’re taken off the current page.)

Make Your Menu Appear

Remember, your navigation menu won’t appear on your site until you tell it to show up! Make sure you select a location under the Menu Settings area.