Successful Etsiers: Savannah of Everyday Pitter Patter

Today we’re introducing a new series of posts here on Dinosaur Stew: interviews with successful Etsy sellers! I talk to a lot of people who are on Etsy and, unfortunately, most are not satisfied with their current levels of sales (sales? what sales?). It’s easy to get discouraged and give up, but I truly believe that there is no reason why, with a little knowledge (and a lot of hard work), you can’t be making more on Etsy. The first step? Learning from the best. Let’s go!

Everyday Pitter Patter Interview at Dinosaur Stew

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Introducing: Everyday Pitter Patter, a ridiculously stylish and amazing handmade boutique crafted by Savannah Garcia. Savannah came to me looking to better brand her shop and blog and I love how everything turned out! While I was installing the new look on her website, I looked around a bit and completely fell in love (maybe it’s because I’m a scarf nut?). I couldn’t help but notice how insanely successful her Etsy shop has been in the mere two months it been opened. I had to know more!

1. How did you start your Etsy shop?
I started Everyday Pitter Patter after a little nudge from my husband, but honestly, looking back, it has been years in the making. Whether it was fear, feelings of inadequacy or simply wrong timing, up until two months ago I pushed away any plans for a business or shop. But what’s the worst that could happen– no buyers and extra scarves for Christmas gifts 😉 So, I posted 8 scarves on Etsy and shared with them on my personal Facebook page. I sold out within a couple hours! Totally shocked someone was interested in my creative adventure, I ran to the fabric store, created more and started to plan the launch of a fall line.

2. It looks like your shop has been super successful in the two months or so it’s been opened! What do you credit for your success?
I’m thankful for sweet friends that love scarves! Instagram has given me a platform to promote my products, as well as, interact with other shops and buyers—all for free! My new logo and site design (thanks Ashley!) have given me a professional look. They also helped to brand my blog, Etsy and social media, pointing back to Everyday Pitter Patter Shop. Oh, and give products away! I’ve mailed scarves to friends with an extra scarf to give away… sent kids scarves to mommy bloggers… Just ask, nicely! The worst they can do is say “no.” Even other Etsy shops may be interested in trading products and tagging you in their photos or blog posts.

3. In all honesty, Etsy is an oversaturated market. What is the key to getting buyers to pick your shop and buy from you over another seller?
I believe that buyers will initially pick your shop over another based on your photos. Simple and clean with great lighting. They can’t touch and feel your products, so the photos are the next best thing! Then those buyers will continue to come back because of excellent customer service. Quick email response, special coupons, thank you notes included in their orders…

4. Do you sell your products on anywhere other than Etsy (either online or offline)?
I feel like I am still adjusting to Etsy, so I’m sticking to that for now. I have future plans to join some local markets and trade shows- a fun way to interact with buyers and friends! And maybe I’ll even try some online pop-up markets.

5. What aspects of selling on Etsy have you found the most challenging (e.g. writing item descriptions, keeping up with orders, etc.)?
Writing descriptions and organizing each listing was the most challenging at first. It’s starting to get easier, but I’m not great with figuring out the best wording or “tags” for each item. Thankfully there is a way to copy something you already have listed- makes future listings a little easier!

6. Where do you see your business in two years? Five years?
Only recently have I taken a step back to clarify the heart of my shop. Sometimes you get to sewing, dreaming and creating products, you forget the greater picture! My heart behind Everyday Pitter Patter is to share beauty & joy with others and encourage the spirit of giving. I hope that in the coming years I will be growing and learning just as much as I have these first two months. Changing with the trends and progression of the Internet, bringing beauty and comfort through fashion, creating gifts that can be shared all around the world… Even greater than these dreams, my highest priority is my family. Being a stay-at-home mama is a blessing and I don’t want to rush through precious time with my babies distracted and frazzled. So if I can balance motherhood and my creative passions, that’s a success for me!

7. What advice would you give to new sellers who are struggling?
Delayed gratification is a frustrating and beautiful thing. Keep on working hard and pushing your creativity, but remind yourself often of the “why” behind your work. Set small goals so you feel accomplished. And when you start to feel discouraged, find the one part of your job that fills you with life again. Turn up the music, make that one product and build up enough excitement to get through the other not so fun areas of business.

Thanks Savannah for a great interview!