November 2014 Freebie: Device Lock Screen Wallpaper

November 2014 Freebie

October was way, way too hectic for my liking (did you notice the absence of blog posts? Yup!). Ideally, I’d like to sit back, relax, and actually enjoy this month. So that’s why this month’s lock screen wallpaper is a little bit different. Instead of doing a calendar that reminds everyone, “OMG, it’s already the xth of November?!? I still have so much to do! Where am I going to find the time?!” I’m reducing the stress load with this simple “be grateful” wallpaper. Because you should be grateful. Errday.

(Love the font? Me too! It’s Selfie and it’s on sale until November 18th at My Fonts!)

Click here or on the image above to be brought to the full size graphic. Save it, send it to your device, then set it as your lock screen wallpaper. You’re ready to roll!

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