Why You Need To Purchase YourName.Com

why you need & Why You Need It.

Only recently did I register my full name as a domain name.

What I mean by that is: if my full name is Jessica Smith (which…it’s not…but that’s beside the point!), I would purchase

For a long time, I didn’t understand the point of registering My business, of course, is set up under, so I didn’t get why I needed as well, when I probably wasn’t even going to use it for anything.

But then I started changing my tune. Here are 4 reasons why.

1. Registering A Domain Name Is Cheap

Domain names are super inexpensive to register.

Even today, they’re only around $10-$20 for the year. Register yours at Namecheap or GoDaddy.

2. It Gives You Control

Owning gives you more control over what shows up when someone searches your name in Google.

A search engine is likely going to weigh a domain name pretty heavily, so it’s very possible that the first result that someone sees when they Google “Your Name” is going to be (Depends on how common your name is, of course…)

This is super helpful in the event that A) the other people who share your name are low-life scum or B) you are low-life scum yourself and are just trying to fake that you’re not. (Joke there. Did that translate well?)

Having show up in the search results will push those yucky ones down. They will still be there, but they won’t be as prominent as before.

3. It Protects You From Jerks (A Little Bit!)

Anyone can purchase any domain name they want (as long as it’s available). That means, if I wasn’t such a sweetie, I could totally get revenge on an ex-boyfriend by purchasing and turn it into an unsavory sort of website.

4. You Can Get A More Professional Email Address

If you purchase the domain name, you can easily set up an email address that looks pretty sweet. Sure, a gmail or hotmail e-mail address doesn’t have to be unprofessional, but doesn’t something like have such a better ring to it than Yup!

So. Do it! Do it now! Go register that domain name if it’s still available and thank me later!

Want to learn more domain name strategy? Yes, you do.