How to REALLY Make Money Online (And Love Doing It)

How To Make Money Online

Do you ever see a link to one of those “60 Awesome Ways To Make Money Online NOW” articles? Does the catchy title drag you in, your judgement already clouded by all the millions you’re gonna be making from your new online gig? Do you get to said article, glance through it, and realize it’s barely more than a clickbait post, filled with links to websites that will (supposedly) pay you for taking surveys or transcribing audio files? Maybe it gets a little more in-depth than that, telling you that Sally Jo made $40,000 just in one month from selling stuff on Amazon, so, ya know, you should consider doing that too. I mean, if it worked for Sally Jo, it’s gotta work for everyone….right?

Let me just tell you this: I’ve been there, man. A few years ago, I was working in a coffee shop, a full-time graduate student trying to make ends meet. Believe me, I took my fair share of surveys, and I’m pretty sure I ended up making approximately $5.64. Not exactly bookoo bucks now, is it?

The problem with articles like these are that they’re just generic drivel, packaged up with a fancy headline that appeals to everyone’s inner desire to make more dough. And while yes, technically you can make money from some of these things, a whopping $5.64 from taking a couple of surveys about your shopping habits ain’t gonna pay the bills.

If you really want to make money online, you have to take a good look at yourself. When you do this, you can not only come up with a good money making opportunity, you can come up with a good money making opportunity that you love. And isn’t that everyone’s goal? To love what you do and do what you love? Sounds pretty rad to me!

So here’s what you do. Grab a blank sheet of paper (or download our free PDF template below — just click here!) and follow the next steps.

Step 1. List What You Like To Do

Everyone has something they like doing. What are you passionate about? What are your hobbies? How do you spend your free time? If you’ve been oh-so-busy with school, family, or that job you hate, you may have to dig into your past a little and remember things you used to enjoy doing. Once you’ve got some ideas, list ’em out!

Also worth mentioning: consider your personality traits. Do you like getting out there and socializing with others, or are you more of a behind-the-scences type of person?

Step 2. List What You’re Good At

What are some things you’re especially skilled at? If you said “nothing,” wrong answer! Everyone has skills. Think about “hard skills,” like maybe you’re a wiz at Microsoft Excel, as well as “soft skills” that may not even be related to your career. For example, maybe you’re good at explaining things to people, or you have the ability to keep your head during a crisis. If you’re struggling to fill out this section, you can also think about things that others regularly ask you to help them with. They aren’t going to be asking if it’s something you’re bad at, so chances are, it’s one of your skills!

Step 3. What’s Missing From Your Life Or The Lives Of Those Around You?

The most profitable businesses are successful because they provide solutions for their client’s pain points. So think about things that are missing from your daily life, or something that would make your life a heckuva lot easier. You don’t have to be totally innovative here: maybe there’s a company out there that already offers something similar, but you know how you could make it better. Think about Uber: the concept of driving people to and from their destinations is absolutely nothing new. But they were able to swoop in and make a load of money. Why? Because they figured out a way to do what taxi companies were already doing, only they made it way more modern and convenient. I mean, I’m from semi-rural Minnesota: I have no clue how to hail a taxi. But ordering up a ride by touching a few buttons on my phone? Handled!

Step 4. Putting It All Together

You’re going to have to really secure your thinking cap on tight for this one. Look at all your lists and come up with some ideas. For example, maybe you like canning jams & pickles, you’re good at explaining things to people, and you’ve noticed that there aren’t many quality how-to resources and tutorials for canning things online. Well, my friend, why not create a new business that provides some really rad instruction to the budding canning hobbyist? Similarly, maybe you like canning jams & pickles, you’re a born salesperson, and you’ve noticed a major lack of locally created preserves in your region. Yup! Maybe you should consider launching your own line of jellies & jams. Come up with as many ideas as you can. They won’t all be winners, but it’s all part of the process!

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