Custom Design Spotlight: My Book Muse

My Book Muse Design Board

I’ve been working on quite a few custom designs lately, and I am completely in love with the new design we created for Kayla at My Book Muse. Kayla wanted something for her book blog that was, “clean, yet pops with a touch of whimsy.” She sent me this color palette as inspiration which I was instantly thrilled about, but I wanted to make sure I added a bold color into the mix to really make the design stand out. Enter navy. Enter instant love affair. I even decided to take the plunge and introduce some navy on my own website, which I’m totally loving.

My Book Muse Design Screenshot

For the website, we added in a lot of special details, like the custom subscribe box and blockquote for Kayla to easily (and stylishly) display book summaries and quotes. Kayla was great to work with and was open to pretty much everything I came up with, which made the design process super fun and easy. A great experience!