Ask Ashley, Volume 3: Handy HTML Basics

Today’s Ask Ashley post mostly covers some handy HTML codes that I often find people are asking about. While any kind of code tends to look daunting, these are quite basic and learning them comes in handy more often than not!


Q: What is the name of your font that you use for “Dinosaur Stew” in your header design?

The name of the font is “Asterism” and it can be purchased right here (it’s totally worth the price)! Browse through similar handwritten fonts right here.

Q: What is a quick way to center an element on my website?

Most of the time, centering objects is ridiculously easy with just a bit of code. Simply place what you want to be centered in between two tags and save:

   <div align="center">
   your content here

Many people use <center> and </center> tags, which typically works as well, although technically this code is deprecated (meaning, eventually it will become obsolete and stop working).

Q: How do I insert a link so it will open in a new window?

The easiest way to do this is to edit your link’s code and add target=”_blank” in between the brackets. For example, if your link looks like this:

   <a href="https://dinosaurstew.com">I LOVE DINOSAUR STEW!</a>

Add in the code so it looks like this:

   <a href="https://dinosaurstew.com" target="_blank">I LOVE DINOSAUR STEW!</a>

Q: How do I insert an email link?

When clicked on, an email link will open an email directly to the address you specify in the link. It’s easy to code:

   <a href="mailto:YOURADRESSHERE@YOU.COM">your text here</a>

Q: How do I insert an image link?

If you want to use an image for a link instead of text, it’s pretty simple! You just need to combine both the link and image HTML tags, like so:

   <a href="LINKURLHERE"><img src="IMAGEURLHERE"></a>