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Regular Pages Have No Content After WooCommerce Install

After installing both the WooCommerce plugin and Genesis Connect for WooCommerce, sometimes content on your other, regular pages will go missing. Generally, product pages display fine, but pages like your about page, contact page, and so on, are suddenly empty.

This occurs if you activated the Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plugin before WooCommerce pages were generated. When you first activate WooCommerce, you are taken through a process of creating those pages (such as My Account page, Cart page, and so on). You need to do all this before you turn on Genesis Connect for WooCommerce. So, the install process should be: 1) install and activate WooCommerce plugin, 2) go through WooCommerce set-up process and create WooCommerce pages, 3) install and activate Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

If you did it differently though and are now lacking content on those pages, not to fear. It can easily be remedied.

How to Fix

  1. Deactivate Genesis Connect for WooCommerce, but keep WooCommerce active
  2. Delete WooCommerce Cart, Checkout, My Account, and Shop pages from your “Pages” area. Remember to empty the trash.
  3. Go to WooCommerce >> System Status and click on “Tools”
  4. Click “Install Pages” button to recreate the pages.
  5. Activate the Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plugin again.

Adapted from: Genesis Connect for WooCommerce support forum