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I’m Having Problems Adding Items to My Navigation Menus

If you’re struggling with adding items to your navigation menu(s), please make sure you start with the How To Create a WordPress Navigation Menu tutorial, and watch the video. Below are some common problems people usually have.

Help! I don’t have the option to add in my portfolio categories!

If you’re working on your navigation menu but don’t have the option to add your portfolio categories (or anything else), make sure you scroll to the top of the page and click on “Screen Options”. Then, select the item you want to display below.

Navigation Menus Screen Options

Help! I want to make a dropdown where the main menu item isn’t clickable.

If you don’t want the main menu item to link anywhere, use a “custom link” and in the URL field, put #. This will ensure this menu item won’t link anywhere, and visitors will be forced to select one of the dropdown items items.