Free Instagram Story Templates – Help Your Followers Get To Know You

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Free Instagram Story Templates

Are you guys using Instagram stories yet? If not, where have you been?!

Instagram stories launched about a year and a half ago and kind of took the world by storm. They’re very similar to Snapchat stories: whatever you post disappears within 24 hours unless-and here’s a recently released feature-you ‘save’ them to your profile. Last summer, Instagram stories turned 1 year old and their daily usage has now surpassed Snapchat. In other words, they’re kinda a big deal.

With so many people using Instagram stories, you don’t want to miss out. It’s a great way to get your content seen by a large following. You can use the Instagram story platform to:

  • Announce a new product or service
  • Showcase your latest work
  • Publicize a new blog post
  • Post an inspiring quote or testimonial
  • Offer exclusive tips & tricks
  • Make an announcement
  • Provide a special offer or discount
  • Show behind-the-scenes shots
  • “Break the ice” & introduce yourself
  • Much more!

The possibilities really are endless! Of course, how you choose to use the Instagram story platform is going to be dependent on your brand or business.

This or That Instagram Story Template

Free Instagram Story Templates

As we mentioned, Instagram stories can help you break the ice with your audience and help your followers get to know you. So, we’re more than happy to give you these free Instagram story templates for you to do exactly that with! This fun icebreaker edition features a collection of 6 templates like “This or That”, “My Faves”, and “Get to Know Me In Gifs”.

You can digitally write on these templates directly in the Instagram app, so no other software is required! Feel free to post a blank copy after you post your filled out version so your followers can join in on the fun too and post their own!

(you can also download them in a .zip folder right here)

Want More Instagram Story Templates?

Check out our shop for a collection of gorgeous, totally editable social media templates. We’re working on releasing more soon, so keep your eye on that page and check back for more! Even if you don’t have a fancy graphics software like Photoshop, you can get in on the action — we have template packs for Canva too!

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