We cover advanced topics in this WordPress eCourse, so make sure you meet the following prerequisites first!


  • Must have a self-hosted WordPress website
    If you don’t have a self-hosted WordPress website, we can help you set one up (and there’s an ecourse for that, too!).
  • Familiar with WordPress basics
    Again, this course covers advanced WordPress stuff. If you wanna master WordPress, make sure you’ve got the basics down first. If you’re comfortable with basic functions (publishing & editing posts, installing plugins, etc.) and know your way around the back-end, you’re probably ready!
  • Somewhat tech-savvy
    You don’t have to know everything, but if you have trouble just logging into your email, you may not want to attempt a DIY-style course. 😉

That sounds like me. I’m ready for my eCourse!

Still have questions?

I don’t have a website yet. Is this course for me?
You’ll benefit most from this course if you already have your own WordPress website up and running. Check out our how to start a website guide & ecourse if you need help with this!

Do I need to have a blog?
Our ecourse is tailored for website owners who also use the blog portion of their website (“posts” in WordPress). Although most of the content will still apply even if you don’t have a blog, one of the four focus areas specifically pertains to blogs, with lessons such as “Optimizing Your Blog Posts” and “Scheduling a Post in WordPress.”

Do you offer refunds?
Yup! If you’ve went through the course, do all the work, and feel like you’re no further ahead than you were when you started, we’ll be happy to refund your money within 21 days.


It’s Time To Access Your Lessons!

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