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  • Happy New Year, everyone! Was the end of 2018 as much of a whirlwind for everyone else as it was for us over here? Whew!This week, we're looking ahead to the future. What are you most proud of in 2019? Nope, that's not a typo! This question popped up in my inbox in a newsletter from executive coach Barbara Churchill, along with a reminder that visualizing what you want is a key part of reaching your goals. One thing I've learned to do is work backwards. When you know your end goal, you can figure out the proper steps that will get you there, rather than just blindly doing stuff. So, where do you want to be at the end of the year? What do you need to do to get there?
  • Some of y’all have gotten in touch with me recently because you’re seeing “not secure” warnings on your website. Right now, Google Chrome (and some other browsers) will trigger a “not secure” warning for all pages containing password and/or credit card input fields that are not using HTTPS (rather than HTTP). However, the ultimate plan is to mark ALL HTTP pages as “not secure”, and Google Chrome will begin putting this into place in July of this year. -You can see how this could be a problem: if your site displays a “not secure” warning, a website visitor may reasonably interpret that to mean you have a security issue with your website and leave, causing you to lose website traffic!-To remedy this: switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS. You can do this by obtaining an SSL certificate and setting it up on your site. This process is going to vary depending on what company your website is hosted with. Here’s what I suggest:-A) Check to see what plan you have with your web host. Some hosting plans have SSL certificates included, and you just need to click a few buttons to set it up!-B) If that doesn’t work out for you, contact your web host directly and ask them what the process is, and cost involved (if any), to set your account up with an SSL certificate.-In many cases, you’ll be able to set up and install a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt, but not all hosts allow this. Also, if you’ve been thinking of switching web hosts, now may be the time! There are lots of great hosting plans out there that come with a free SSL certificate included. DM me if you want to chat about my fave web hosting companies!
  • We've been keeping busy in the design studio lately! Here's a sneak peek at our next website design!
  • WHEW! We totally earned this weekend, guys! ✌🏽-It's officially summer and the living is easy! But that doesn't mean you should take time off from pursuing your #bossbabe passion. The more time you take away from your brand or biz, the harder it is to get started back up again!
  • It's been a minute since we released a new premium Wordpress theme! We've spent the last few months in heavy development mode, working hard to bring ya'll some exciting customization features! -Sierra Laine is our most versatile theme release to date. Not only does she come with a built-in color customizer, you can now update the fonts in just a few easy steps (no coding required!).-This is a classic yet modern design that is perfect for bloggers, photographers, lifestyle brands, and more! You can build a portfolio and show off your content in a variety of different gallery styles, and it's ecommere-ready! -Click the link in our bio to find out more info + see the demo!
  • Happy Monday everyone! Later on in the week, we'll be hosting a free info sesh! If you're a website owner and are currently feeling "stuck" with how your website is performing, or even if you're just thinking about a redesign but want to do it right, you won't want to miss out.-We'll be covering stuff like:* Common website mistakes that prevent you from getting the most out of your site-* Key changes I've made to my own website that have made my bounce rate drop up to 20%-*Simple suggestions you can implement on your own site to make it work better for you!-The info session will be delivered in video format and will be available all day Thursday. It's like a webinar, without having to commit to a specific time.-Register now! (link in bio)